Ever wondered what you see underwater? This app gives you the answer!

  • Developed by marine biologists, scientific illustrators and divers
  • Simple identification process that allows a fast identification of an organism
  • Educational for divers and anyone that loves the sea
  • Make your observations more valuable and useful to science

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Illustrations of all morphological characteristics.

Identification keys

Identification keys based on distinct morphological characteristics.

Marine biologists

Data rigorously handled and developed by marine biologists.



Morphological characteristics

Allows sequential and multiple selection of morphological characteristics.


Monthly updates.


Species fact sheets presented with photographs, taxonomy, scientific and common names.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application free?

The app is free, however some taxonomic groups will only work through an “in-app purchase”.

What is an in-app purchase?

An “in-app purchase” is an additional purchase you make within an application. Click here for more information about in app purchases.

Does the app need an internet connection?

Yes, most of the app information is stored on a server and the app needs to access the internet to retrieve the info.

Which devices is the app available for?

At the moment it is available for iPhone 4, IPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The Android version will become available in the near future.

Which languages are available?

At this point the application is available in English and Portuguese and other languages will follow soon.

How can I participate?

You may help by uploading your photos on our website http://skaphandrus.com.

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Story behind the app

There are approximately 20 million divers across the globe whose main objective is to observe marine organisms of the oceans. At the end of each dive, the main topic of conversation is about the animals and plants observed. However, the question “Which species was it?”, is often unanswered… Why? Because at the moment, there are no tools able to help in species identification without requiring previous knowledge of biology and taxonomy. Ocean life ID is the technological solution to bridge this gap.

The Ocean Life ID application is based on identification keys which uses images and scientific illustrations as the solution to allow anyone to identify the observed organisms when the scientific name is unknown. Using a sequential selection of morphological characteristics, the number of possible organisms is narrowed until a final taxonomic group is attributed where the description provided contains all the selected characteristics. It is a simple identification process which allows anyone to identify a marine organism in a relatively short time.

Luis Miguens

Project Manager

João Pedro Silva

Brand Manager

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